Bhojpuri Gana : Superhit भोजपुरी गाना, Songs and Video


Bhojpuri Gana (भोजपुरी गाना) is a list of various types of Bhojpuri songs especially curated for all the Bhojpuri song lovers residing or not residing in Bihar. Bhojpuri gane have always been the most peppy songs as we all know, which is why it is so popular amongst people. But what people might not know is that Bhojpuri gaana is not only the ones we have always heard, it does contain separate sections of song that we will discuss as we progress. If you are new to Bhojpuri Gane, you must checkout the tracks we are going to discuss next.

Types Of Bhojpuri Gana भोजपुरी गाना

Bhojpuri Gana is not just one type of song that you think it is but you can find quite a handful of types in Bhojpuri Gana such as Bhakti Geet, Hot Song, Evergreen Song, Holi Song, Vivah Geet, Arkestra and movie songs as well. We will go through each of the segment and will know about the songs that it is comprised of. In course of knowing the categories in details, you might come across few tracks which are new for you or you can rediscover some songs that you have not heard in recent past. Let’s not waste much time and get straight to the categories.

Bhakti Geet : Bhakti Geet which is known as Devotional song in English is often the most heard songs in mandirs or temples if you travel to Bihar. Various singers such as Pawan Singh, Ajay Ajnabi, Annu Dubey, Bittu Singh Rajput and many more have devoted their career as a devotional Bhojpuri singer though some of them have sung Bhojpuri gana which is not a Bhakti Geet. Let’s checkout some of the Bhakti Geet :

  • Nand Bhawan Mein Badhaiyaan
  • Jug Jug Jiye Lalanwa
  • Gachiya Lagavle Baani
  • Chunariya Maiya Ke
  • Maiya Ke Jagrata
  • Anjani Ke Lala Sunlo Pukaar
  • Mann Lagalva Bhola Mein
  • Badi Sher Par Sawar


Hot Songs : This particular section contains some item songs or hot songs not meant for teens below 18 years of age. Why do I say that? Because the songs contain some offensive words which can affect teens below the specific age. So, if you are someone below the recommended age and you are quite okay with this fact then you too can hear them out for fun. Some of the Hot Songs are :

  • Choli Ke Bhitar Jeevan Bhail Garam
  • Purba Bayer Mein Rahe Madhuail
  • Lagavelu Jab Lipistick
  • Aawa, Chus La
  • Piywa Tractor Ke Driver
  • Raat Mein Na Din Mein
  • Coolar Kurti Mein
  • Ratiya Ke Rani


Evergreen Songs : Be it Bollywood or Bhojpuri, Evergreen Songs or Bhojpuri Evergreen gaane are the all time favourites. The craze for Evergreen numbers is always more. Here’s presenting you some of the evergreen tracks that you must listen.

  • Maanal Kar Ae Balamu
  • Munh Pe Paani Chahi
  • Koyal Bin BagNa Sobhe Raja
  • Dil Mein Bas Gayilu
  • Jaa Jaa Ye Harjayee
  • Pyaar Kaile Baani Tohse Bhul Nahi Pahib Ho
  • Kahti Na Manva Laage
  • Sima Paar Ke Aile Na Bhaiya


Holi Songs : In the auspicious occasion of Holi, the festival of colors, people of Bihar sing different kinds of Holi songs or Holi ke gane which of course include devotional songs related to Lord Krishna. Here I am going to share some of the Holi gana though you can find many more of this Holi gane.

  • Holiya Mein Rangwa Khele Radha Nagriya
  • Maja Aai Holi Mein
  • Mere Mukut Murli Wale
  • Gaon Ke Holi
  • Bhauji Ke Sang Holi Kheleb
  • Saiyaan Holi Mein Na Aile
  • Radha Krishn Ke Holi
  • Holi Mein Boli


Vivah Geet : Vivah Geet section of Bhojpuri Gana is composed of all the songs sung during sangeet and mahendi period of a wedding ceremony or Shaadi. There are so many Vivah geet out there that it is a bit tough to pick up the best ones. But yes, we did it!

  • Kahwa Ke Piyar Mati
  • Doli Aayeel
  • Kahe Ko Byahe Bides
  • Dulhin
  • Aayile Dulha Raja
  • Palki Pe Hoke Sawar
  • Beti Ke Vihah
  • Lagan Ke Hardiya


Arkestra : Arkestra, also known as Orchestra in English is a very popular mode of entertainment in Bihar. Therefore, in any occasion Arkestra songs are played or singers sing in orchestra. Here are a few of them.

  • Jija Abhi Bani Kuwar
  • Hilala Holi Mein
  • Nepal Saman Khajuala Ho
  • Kareja Kare Dhak Dhak
  • Raja Raja Raja Kareja Mein Samaja
  • Mann Kare Dekhta Rahi
  • Choli Ke Darwaze Se
  • Jawani Balti


Trending Bhojpuri Gana

With this we come to the best part of Bhojpuri Gana which is trending Bhojpuri Gana that comprises of the new released songs from various movies. I am sure you can’t wait to know the songs now! Let’s have a look on the tracks. The name of the movies is mentioned within the braces.

  • Jawani Tohar Jhal Jhal (Dabang Sarkar)
  • Navratan Tel Lagavla Se (Dabang Sarkar)
  • Ae Bam Chhod De Chilam (Jai Jai Jagatpati)
  • Lagawe Boroplus (Raja Rani)
  • Ankhiya Ladal Jabse (Raja Rani)
  • Dupatta Asmani Colour Ke (Dulhin Ganga Paar Ke)
  • Jiarwa Kare Dhukur Dhukur (Dulhin Ganga Paar Ke)
  • Sari Ke Pin Gar Gail Na (Jab Jab Saiya Kare)
  • Raat Bhar Ke Aake Kiya (Judwa 2)
  • Paisa Ke Peeche (Marlas Line Bank Of Baroda Mein)


Here we come to the end of the article where the majority of the Bhojpuri Gana have been covered which are the favourites of the maximum crowd. But yes there are more to it which you would discover soon. Every effort has been made so that all the categories are covered and the best songs are served in your platter. Hope you enjoy!